Tips to maintain healthy hair



Hi ladies, today I will be giving you some TIPS that can help to keep your hair healthy. It is super important to always maintain your hair as healthy as you can. Especially because hair is one of the first things people notice about you when you first meet them. Beautiful hair will leave a good impression, which is why proper hair care is so important. These tips I will give you today will help to avoid extensive damage to your hair. For skin care tips check out my most recent blog Skin care products(:


Appropriate Shampoos:


It is important to use the right shampoo for your hair. For example, I have frizzy hair so I always try to find shampoos that will help the frizz. It is also important to avoid shampoos that have silicones, Sulfates, and alcohols.  Sulfates will strip your hair and natural oils, drying out your hair.  Silicones coats your hair and weight it down. Alcohols also weigh down your hair. So remember to look for shampoos and conditioners that say “sulfate and silicone free!”

DON’T wash everyday:

Washing your hair everyday strips out to much of your natural oils. I had a tough time trying to only wash 3 times a week but after I read this article I was committed to getting my shiny hair!

“I used to be the biggest offender of the daily wash. Once I stopped lathering up my strands on the daily, my hair got shinier, my scalp became less dry and my split ends became almost non-existent. “

Check this Link out for more reasons on why washing your hair daily is bad!


Be Gentle:

Brushing your hair the “right waybrushing” is also very important. You should find an appropriate hair brush and only brush 2 times a day. And never brush wet hair, this is one of the biggest causes of hair breakage. Excessive brushing can damage your hair! You can read more about how important brushing is here (:



When possible, avoid using a hair dryer, curling or flat irons.  Styling tools can dry out your hair and fry it. This leads to split ends, breakage, and overall damage.  If you do use heat always, and I mean ALWAYS use heat protectant spray first!

Taking Vitamins:vitamins

It’s always a good idea to take vitamins on a daily. Although many believe that taking vitamins will make your hair grow faster.  Don’t always believe it, it’s not proven that they will increase hear growth. What they will do is they will give your hair the vitamins it need to stay strong and shiny. I used to have really dry dull hair and I’ve been taking these vitamins and the improvement is amazing! Check out my previous blog where I talk about  Hum Nutrition and how it has worked for me!

Remember the way your hair looks is almost always a first impression to people you have just met. So keeping your hair healthy and beautiful. As it will also make you feel more confident about yourself and they way you look! medium         short.jpg   long-hairr



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