Quick and Easy Hairstyle’s


Hey ladies! Today I want to talk about how hard it can be in the mornings to decide if you want to do your hair or not! I know there have been times where I am TOO LAZY to actually do my hair, so I leave it messy (ew right). Especially when your day consist of many things, and you want to look your best. I want to show you these quick hairstyles that have worked for me when I have busy mornings. Also check out more of my morning tips on my blog here(:


Curly hair is always my go to. All you need is a curling iron and a hair tie to get AMAZING Curls. It’s as easy as 3 steps and literally as fast as 5 minutes

  • Grab a pony tail
  • Curl in sections
  • TADAA let down the pony and enjoy your curls!

pny hair.jpg

This hairstyle has never failed me and it is so simply easy to do!! AND here is a video just incase you need extra help.She really explains it well! Hope it works out just as good as it did for me(:

Braids and Buns:

You can never go wrong with a bun. And to make it super cute you just simply add a braid! How exciting!! To get this awesome look all you have to do is:

  • Split 2 parts in the front sections of your hair
  • Braid them both
  • Combine them to a low pony tail
  • And FINISHED Create your bun “messy or tight”

I always like to make mine look messy, so I pull out hair in the front to make long bangs. And always loosen up my bun and braids for a messy boho look.  And even better this look dosent require any heat for your hair. Check out more heatless styles here!


Half up Half down:

This quick and simple hairstyle is great for any occasion, weather you want something simple, or elegant. Again with this hair style you can either do is messy and loose or leave it neat and tight. It’s up to you and your style preference. Here are the steps on how I create this style.

After doing Easiest CURLS EVER I:

  • Create 2 braids
  • Connect the two braid “half top of my hair”

This hairstyle is my favorite go to style when I have a date, night out, presentations or just want to feel and look extra good.


I hope you love these quick hair tips and tricks as much as I do! Don’t forget to check out my latest post on Tips to maintain healthy hair for fabulous looking hair! And also more quick hairstyles to keep your busy morning less busy. ENJOY !






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